Tuesday, January 3, 2012

12 Things Happened in 2011

1. Sent my resignation letter to Chan on my birthday. Though it was one of the toughest decision I had to make (so far).... i gotta do what i gotta do.

2. Went to Goa, India and dance through the nights. Eceh, no la.... Mana boleh cakap!

3. Bruno Mars Concert! With Aya, Fana, Atun and Wani.

4. Drove 500km from Kuala Lumpur to Alor Setar for the first time and I didnt fall asleep! Thanks to 5 cans of Nescaffe and 2 bottles of Redbulls.

5. Started my chambering on 30/06/2011. Guess, if everything goes well, Imma be an advocate and solicitor by early 2012. InsyaAllah!

6. Farhani naik pelamin, Nadia naik pelamin. Liza bakal naik pelamin, Dina bakal naik pelamin...

7. Neil knows. HE KNOWS!

8. My first mention-before-SAR moment and I terus 'famously known' as "budak chambering yang asyik postpone date"

9. Melaka Kali Kedua. It was an office trip with FMA family. Double fun with Halia karaokeing! Ohsem!

10. Met with All Star Fav Roommate from UIA, Ejoe and did a few catching-up with her.

11. My first amik keputusan in chambers before a judge and he asked about Menteri Besar Kedah which gua fail dengan gemilang tiapkalinya *geleng kepala*

12. A day trip to Langkawi with my two brothers, my sister-in-laws and Amjad on Christmas. Chocolate party!

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