Thursday, November 14, 2013

I've decided on my project paper...finally

After a brief consultation (the sangatlah brief, just to decide on which topic to focus) with my friend, a marine biologist and environmental activist - Foon (bukan nama penuh), I've decided to do my project paper on marine pollution and environmental law. tepuk-tepuk

No, I'm not gonna spill everything here, tak suspen dan takde yang heran, but if anybody ask me (again) why i picked environmental issue instead of "gender equality, equal employment opportunity" (sebab dulu subjek elektif aku ini juga) or "merger, acquisition and Islamic banks" (sebab topik ni femes), or human rights education (memandangkan aku dulu berada di dalam arena tersebut), maka i'm gonna answer it with this:

"because Loki rocks the color green"

.... or that I can use it as an excuse to try scuba dive.

.... or aku fabrikkan saja dengan jawapan annoying yang lain yang terpikirkan. 

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