Monday, August 9, 2010

10 Things you can ONLY find in Hadyai

1. We departed at 10.15pm and arrived in Padang Besar 6am the next day. Later on we were joined by our Thai tour guide name Auseman Isa, from Satun. He was pretty excited talking things in Thailand which 80% of them are not in Hadyai. Without proper bath nor brush the teeth, Abang Jack, the driver drove us around the city for breakfast, drink bird nest and shop for souvenirs at Nora Plaza, buy cashew nuts and prickly powder at Thai Lee Seng Factory and shopping (again) at Central Market.

2. Aside from "belum mandi", we had a good time at Central Market bargaining for stuffs. I bought myself a pair of jeans, some blouse and t-shirts and a handbag. Then, we met "you say can, auntie say cannot" when i tried to bargain for a blue cardigan for Aya. huhu. Heck, i didnt understand a word she said!

3. Went to hotel on tuk-tuk for 15 baht each and checked in Sakol Hotel, me and Wani found ourselves in a cheap-honeymoon-suite-for-eloped-couple kinda room (we also had huge mirror on the wall at the back of the queen bed) while the others have bath-tub, twin beds and area to jump around.
~hadyai's tuk-tuk~

4. Hungry people are angry people. Kak Wiznie and me walked around the block to find food. We went to mamak called Darbar Restaurant and FACT: Mamak anywhere in the world is freakin'ly expensive! We both had mee goreng (which actually instant noodle) for RM6.00 and milo ice for RM2.00! And please, put it in the menu as Fried Blackpepper Instant Noodle next time.
~tell me, which guy won't be tempted with this kin-of ad?~

~Mee Goreng aka Fried Blackpepper Instant Noodle~

~air menet~

5. On the evening, we walked into a shops-lane and got chased by the 'Go Home' uncle. He was annoyed by us touching his stuffs but not buying any of it and i felt sorry for Aya; she politely ask to take photo, but got a big "NO". He yelled at us several times telling us to go home.
~after got yelled at, we stopped to buy sticky rice with mango~

6. Then we went to Grand Plaza at Central Hadyai and met this cute-shy-guy selling necklace at a flea-market style in the plaza which Intan, Atun and Aya were enthusiastically bought a few. We had a short break at Dairy Farm and continued the shopping journey to the upper floors.
~this lady carves soap bars and turn 'em into beautiful flower~

~wanie enjoying her chocolate snowy milk~

~Intan check out stuffs she bought from the flea-market~

7. Tired and feel hurt from the 'Go Home' uncle, we went to a massage parlour and had a good foot massage - Kak Wiznie, Intan, Aya and myself, while Atun and Wani got body massage and they had 'quite an experience' in there...EHEM! We met 4 Malaysian marathoners with two escort girls and their pimp. The pimp showed "tiger show" ad in a magazine to one of the marathoners sitting next to me. My guess, they gonna have a GREAT NITE IN HADYAI.
~kak wiznie's blissful face, and aya picking her nose, the usual..haha~

8. Lepaking at a makcik's stall with nice Air Limau Perah Ais, we enjoyed the night scene at the Centre of Hadyai. And there was one tuk-tuk with flat-screen tv with awfully loud stereo. But, we surely will enjoy more if we were at THE SHOW for the midnight..wahahaha - well, partying with fried chicken and prawn for 200baht each in the hotel room is also ok whaatt....
~night view at Central Hadyai~

~the fried prawns and chicken stall~

9. We had breakfast on the 10th floor of Grand Hotel Plaza and shopped some more at the street with the excuse of "finishing our baht notes".
~girls doin' the shoppin'~

10. After watched a drama of Rivalry of the Pink in the morning at the lobby (it was hilarious to watch her eyes rolling up and down - a pink lady with jealousy), we head back to Malaysia at 10am. Enjoying Tomyam and Kau Lau Soup (which i only found out its a beef soup) at Padang Besar at 12pm and arrived in Cheras at 10.30pm

~just stomp on the Americans, Your Majesty"

1. Atun has a 12 years-old rival over a pony-tailed hair guy. The standard six tried to be a lady but doesnt work with all-pink outfit. Everytime she looks at Atun with THE pony-tailed-hair guy, she has this face like "stabbing Atun for a couple times in the chest with rambo knife until satisfied". Did you ever had that kind of crush before? I know i didn't
~atun, the one who got jealous-ed by, is cam-whoring~

2. Got a call in the morning asking for Haris. I did made it clear this is Azwa's room and not Haris's. She asked - "why you're in Haris's room?" errkk?

3. I feel uneasy around guy with freakishly huge body. I am fine with body-builders at the gym. But, if you're too huge, with turtle head in the making, kinda like the obese-for-bodybuilders.. that's scary. Oh, damn~! I'm starting to miss Jun.

4. Ah Yen, the tour guide from Malaysia told 3 funny stories which I heard like 10 years back. Sungguh retro...hohoho

5.We still and will always remember the 'Go Home' uncle.

~Hadyai city, view from the 10th floor~

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