Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bali Conferencin' & Beachin'

My flight to Bali was delayed for more than two freakin' hours! I only arrived in Bandara Ngurah Rai at 10pm and definitely missed the trip to Ubud for "Kecak" dance.

Annoyed and tired, I found myself smiling when I arrived in Ayodya Resort - a palace-kind-of-resort with fusion of Balinese traditional architecture and elegance.

(I am trying my bestEST here to describe the place. its gorgeous!) and it has private beach!lalalalala

I stayed alone - with superb view! Check it out!

~the room~

~the view~

~rama lounge~

The 1st ANNI Conference on Emerging Issues relating to NHRIs went great. We were discussing on issues to be addressed at the APF meeting next door.

~the conference~

~the report which got my name in it~

One shocking fact i've learned that, too many LGBT peeps got discriminated and violated just for being different. They were even raped so that "they can go back to normal"? What the heck is "normal"? Whats wrong of being different? From all that i can see, they are human too. They want to live happily... Like any of us. *emo mode*

Also, we had a session with the SUHAKAM Chairman, Tan Sri Hasmy Agam and i asked him two important questions (and Yap said: Good questions worr!) :-

(Q) Uneven gender composition in the Commissioners and none of them have background to support women and children issues - one a Copyright law lecturer and another Indigenous People activist who will be based in Sabah. What is SUHAKAM's commitment in addressing these issues?
(A) They will take into consideration on that matter. (He also said to me personally that Indonesia only have one lady Commissioner. Tan Sri, let's just focus Malaysia, shall we?)

(Q) Cooperation and collaboration between SUHAKAM and NGOs - there were first meetings and consultations- but never taken to the second stage. What about the new set? Will SUHAKAM be more lenient and supportive?
(A) They will check with the previous consultations and meetings and work out from there.

FACT: I GOT REALLY GOOD UNDER PRESSURE; AT THE VERY END. People wont believe that great stuff coming out from me at the very last minute..heh. if, y'know what i mean.

  • Conspiracy to buy Henri's birthday gift - it was fun teaming up with Poedji and Cess in buying Henri the batik shirt.
  • We went to Kuta (pronounce:ku-te) on the first night for dinner at Made's Warung, had some shopping afterward and walking by the public beach.
~recommended for its specialties; the booze~

  • They have the Legion Beach Festival 2010 (sorry, no details..ehem)
  • One of their favorite craft is p*nis - They made it into various things-keychain, bottle opener, etc. i think Henri thought that I'm a pervert when I was excitedly pointed to rubix cube made from wood but together with that in a basket; is the p*nis keychain.
~call me a perv, i'm just providing you with evidence~
  • I went to the beach on the last night and fell asleep on the lazy-chair. The breeze was fabulous. And I went again with Purnomo and Atnike before I took cab to Ngurah Rai on the last day.
  • Went to shopping with Shoko-san from Japan on the last day at the Hawaii-Bali Pasar Oleh-oleh and had lunch at Nasi Padang's Restaurant
~photo credit: shoko-san~

AMAZING PEEPS: (I don't have better things to do..hell yeah)

Pak Rafendi

he is like THE living legend in human rights field in Indonesia. Husky voice, great smile, got the brain and the braun, also sempoi. He is THE coolest guy in the conference. (dont tell him that)

Irfan ( i think thats his name..)
This Maldivian surf-guy (not..) has the best english-uk-speaking-style ever! (flail over him, flail! flail) And extra mark when he thought
that I was a university student. (in which it means I am cute..or clueless? hummmm)

Toru and Shoko
Nihon guy thought a white-living-breathing-horse is a model. And he said
"Azwa-chan mo is kawaii"..ahaks.
And i'm blessed that I was able to go shopping and had lunch with my new girl from the East, Shoko-san.

Emerlynne Gil
This iron lady knows NHRIs across the region inside out~! (not good at describing people, but, she is super awesome!) and she is very supportive to me (coz u know me la - slow like turtle). She reminds me of Yang-Dizon. Passionate; at the same time, can be very sweet and adorable. Lucky man, you John!

Poedji & Siddarth
They fight for their rights and i know they will never stop and will do whatever it takes for people to understand them and accept them for what they are.

SWEET COUPLE RATING (i just feel that this is a must)
1. John and Em - they are soo sweet. John carried Em's heels and they walked along the beach
together. ****

2. John and Henri - they lunch/dine together, smoked together, they had 'girl-talk' over bedtime... ****

Bali was great! Great time, great people. Wish i can go back there. for holiday this time around, maybe. At the Kuta Beach, watching surfers..err.. surf? LOL

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