Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Ramadhan Plan

Aya Lautner (yes, enjoy it) and i attended an Iftar Invitation from the Public Affairs Department, US Embassy at the Islamic Art Museum Restaurant, KL yesterday evening. I've caused Aya kesesatan twice! "I spin her head right round right round, when she drive down, drive down, down'.

Thanks to Scott, Nicholas and Mr.Chew for having us there. Also Kak Leini, Vani and akak UIA ru sorang, forgot her name la. The place was gorgeous and the food were delicious. It was a closed party which menyebabkan both of us malu nak melantak dengan rakus walaupun sedap giler makanan kat situ. And its Ramadhan buffet per person is RM77/++ ~!!! wargh.

Any whoo.... the party gives me this great idea to hold my own iftar at my house. In Alor Star, that is.

I've come up with a mission to bring to together { kwn2 yg terpisah aka lama tak jumpa,berantakan} Jeng jeng jeng.


~caption not thought of yet~

We have been friends for years, I still cannot believe when one stupid thing can actually tear the friendship apart. Please, am not gonna share the details here, ~ i mean whaffor? right? imma matured gal kan, kan~ and hey, things happened, whether you like or not.

Know what's the objective? because having close friends (and family la) with you, you will never feel like you're walking alone in this world. aicewah.aicewah.jiwang woh.

So, the peeps i have i mind would be;

1. Suzana and her husband - never get to know the husband yet, it was a family arranged marriage. I remember back then, when she needed my approval for boyfriend. haha. ahh, she's preggy now.. happy for her =)

2. Miza - budak ni asal puasa je aku teringat kat dia, oh, last month she texted me and said "Ni aku miza, kawan hang" bwahahaha. bergolek aku gelak sengsorang.

3. Dina - no specific reason, i just miss her. and dia tak penah sampai kat rumah aku, by the way.

4. Liza - i hope she's around. Kitorg dulu tag-team tengok wrestling..bwahah!

i dunno if Farhani and Nadia will be Kedah that time. Really wanna catch up things with them. Nadia aku dah catch up dah sebulan masa we stayed kat satu rumah sewa (yang aku takkan lupa sampai mati) together dulu.

I don't want to call this as reunion or pre-reunion whatsoever coz Wari will kill me if he finds out. I think he's been planning THE reunion since dulu-dulu lagi. Honestly, its great to have somebody like Wari who's determined to have the reunion, sebab banyak budak 5Ag/Sn tu perangai busuk sket.....macam aku.heh *grin*

I guess aku kena masak sedap-sedap la untuk hangpa. Or hangpa nak makan luar so that tak kena food-poison or Sue terberanak kat umah aku? Tentatively 29th August 2010.

Amacam, ada beran?


  1. alololo~ that's so sweet of you makcik!
    please please please make it happen (altho aku kena convince my dad bagi aku bukak posa kt luar - dang! i miss my london life bila aku bley kuar bukak posa luar n kuar malam sesuka hati aku, bila dh dok ngan parents balik ni byk lak curfew dia!)
    farhani is around la - she works in aloq staq je pown.
    lets do it on a weekend yg liza pun bley join from SP

  2. alolo..xkan gi buka posa kt umah member pun tabley?

    if fahani's around, invite dia skali la. aku takde number dia. or ada ka?