Friday, July 30, 2010

News of the Day Vol.2

1. Rocker Amy in trouble over unpaid bill
Amy is famous for his court cases these days. And, Mr. Rocker, please consider black & white next time. Don't let people fool you around. You're a rock legend for god's sake!
Read here.

"I didn’t know about the transportation cost(DUH...) as I was made to understand during a discussion that it was sponsored. I don’t know what to do now, if they want to take legal action, I cannot do anything,’’ he was quoted as saying"

Dr M: Block access to Internet porn
He was a dictator, but he's a brilliant man. And still is the brilliant of all PMs. Read here

"This (the accessibility of pornography) does not have a good effect on the young, excitable people who get worked up watching porn, resort to taking out their pent-up energy on babies and old women."

"I'm having second thoughts now. There's a need to censor some things that appear on the Net, especially access to pornography."

He said, however, Malaysian Netizens should continue to be allowed to have the freedom to voice their opinions on the Internet.

3. Ellen DeGeneres bows out of American Idol
I like her in AI! Read here

4. Ex-Transport Minister charged in PKFZ scandal
This is a historical event! For the first time, a "TUN" is being charged for a scandal. But, we already know the verdict... So, it's just another waste for court time and taxpayers' money (again & again), to make "some" people happy. Read here

5. Wanita dalang sindiket cepat kaya dikenal pasti
Why la Malaysians never learn that there is no way to be cepat kaya just by joining some STUPID scheme! Tamak haloba! U think u will go kaya just by goyang2 kaki, godek2 bontot?

If to call u idiot, nak marah. But, heck.. u're an idiot. Duit tak datang bergolek. Cari rezeki cara halal la, cara baik. And Nabi sendiri dah cakap, cara terbaik - berniaga. Lepas kena tipu nak pegi report polis. Hah! If I'm the police officer taking ur report, I will gelak berguling depan u! Read

6. 16 NGO kemuka memo mengenai isu air
Dear MB of Selangor, i know you're busy, but please read the memo. It's just 6 pages. We made it very simple and clear and definitely understandable. And, please understand what is "water-catchment area" . Read here

7. Pas saran Jakim perkenal logo "Haram"
Seriously? Seriously? Don't you have a better things to do? Settle the "Halal" logo first, can ah? Make everyone understand what is halal and haram first, can ah? Educate! Not just say thing... pakai air liur je modal, memang la senang. Read here

I heard that PM is going on vacation in Ramadhan month starting 10 Ogos 2010. Why Ramadhan? Where are you going, Mr 1Malaysia?

Najib: "Jangan tanya what I want to do, where I want to go, I am the PM. ada faham?"


  1. haha. yg last skali tu, psal PM tuu..die kuar mesia 10 ogos ekk?? bkn dah kuar awl lgk ker? sbb aitu aku g wedding anak SU politik die kt putrajaya....tme tu die xdtg sbb die kt luar negara...huhu.

  2. yg pejabat dia kuarkan, formal holiday starts 10hb. aku nk ckp benda jahat tapi aku posa nih.