Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Didn't Know Why I Did It, But I Did, I Did Do It

The stuff yang aku merapu di atas dalam title itu, penjelasannya adalah ini;

Yes.... dearest,

Technically I have purchased the ticket to Adam Lambert's Glam Nation Tour in Malaysia. He will be performing at Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil this 14th October 2010.

Reality-check: havent collect my ticket yet as i was not sure of my friggin' new house's address!

I have informed 'people upstairs' that DO NOT KACAU MY PLAN on the date or I will just request for a leave. Good thing i still 1 AL left. ehehe.

Which ticket that i purchased? well, well... the thing is, if you're going with a gal named Fana Yaacob to Adam Lambert's concert, you'll have to purchase the most expensive ticket. Not complaining, though. Like Aya Lautner said, we should purchase the ticket most closest to the God of Glam.

The ticket price? Owh.. including the booking fee would be RM308 ( RM298 +RM10).

Owh, must remind myself to collect RM10 from Fana Yaacob. You see, I only agreed to go with them with the stated amount of RM298 (the mosh pitt, baby~!) BUT never agreed to the booking fee.

Well, even she told me that she's totally broke - what lah... RM10 only maa... bwahahaha.

(aku pun ala-ala nak mampus-dengan-makan-maggi jugak ni)

I'll see you at Bukit Jalil, okay, Adam?

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