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Madness in Manila

Note: The entry is Manglish style, so if you understand you understand la..

Last week, i attended the 4th Regional Meeting on Human Rights Defenders Forum in Manila, Philippines. So, here's a sneak peak (wahah! like artist i tell you!) what happened so i wont miss any if i story-story to you or i don't need to story to you at all since i oredi wrote an entry on it.

Okay, enough with the Manglish. I myself find it hard to understand.

Madness of Day #1
I thought i lost my car key since I couldn't find it in the 'orange bag'. I thought i lost it in the cab and made a big fuss out of it and called Aya Joyy and actually asked her to find the cab. Stupid, i know. I ransacked the whole bag in the LRT. I opened every single zippers, took out all the stuff and still, couldn't find it. One fine moment after two hours banging my head to every single walls i saw, I found the stupid key in my bagpack.

And I was excitedly heading to KLIA thinking the Cebu Pacific Airlines was there. A lovely akak approached me and asked what i was looking for.

"Cebu Pacific kak, Cebu. Pegi Manila, bukan pegi Sibu"

"Your flight is at 1am, right? Its at LCCT"

I had to take a bus to LCCT~ Annddd....the safety belt on Cebu Pacific didn't fit me.

Madness of Day #2
Once i arrived, i went to find a good spot in the Ninoy Aquino Airport, Terminal 3 to sleep for 3 hours before taking a cab to Bayview Park Hotel, Roxas Blvd. I was so tired. We were advised to take THE yellow-metered-cab but i only saw the white one. Once i got in the cab, i saw the yellow one with people queuing for it- nice, very nice!

Once checked in at Bayview, i went out roaming Roxas Blvd and saw this magnificent place called Rizal Park which is also known as the Luneta. When i said it's magnificent, trust in me, it is! The park has a lot of monuments, gardens, orchidarium, chess ground (it was fun watching the uncles playing chess there, i dont know why) and they gonna have water fountain (its in progress currently). FYI, it was the place where Jose Rizal was executed. The park is so huge and i think i lost a couple of pounds just by walking there.

My roommate was Regina seo-seung-nim, a Korean lady working for the House of Human Rights Korea (hope i got it right) and she was very keen teaching me hangul, knowing that i can speak 10 phrases.

And when i opened the laptop i brought with me to the forum, ( i was happy that the office allowed me to bring the laptop, never had that privilege) i found out i brought the wrong adapter! How madnessly awesome was that?!

Madness of Day #3
The first morning, I was greeted by the guy from Maldives who actually remembered me back from Bali. He was like "hey, we wet in Bali, do you still remember me?" Cute guy like you, of course la i remember! So sweet of him, normal people would've forgotten me, WHY? coz i look... hummm, normal?

During break i met YSS, he was waving at me and all of the sudden, I high-fived him. Why did i do that? It was a mystery to me too. Yes, it will scar him for life. *facepalm*

I didn't understand why OP was a bit unfriendly, I met him a couple time before.. but Veracruz was nice. He is working with Gaya Nusantara. A LGBT rights organization in Surabaya.

The first night, we were invited to the launch of Women's Right Reproductive Mobilizer (yes, yes, i'll check) by WGNRR. The performance were great, i like the two guys who sang the "Babain" song. (Psst, it means 'Woman'). Had a great time with Annabel, a high school teacher volunteering for her human rights organization, Corazon and Renee. Wanted to request the brothers to sing Aftermath (acoustic) but it would be weird. And, Kamayan Restaurant served babi golek. Shouldve taken photo..dang!

Madness of Day #4
On day two of the forum, a lot of people found out about me talking good hangul (like i told you, it was only 10 phrases!), even the Special Rapporteur of United Nation knew - thanks to Wonsun oppa and Gayoon ohni. I hijacked Ausma's laptop to tweet and facebooking. Sorry Mar..*hugs*

The Pinoy famous whistle blower was a the forum too- Mr Jun Lozada! Dude, it take a lot of courage to do what you've done. We had one, but he ended up died tragically. *sigh*

Toru was so busy running around and that I couldn't say hi to him. But he did 'cuit' me. (what is cuit in English wehh???) Adorable! The only two things i said to him were "the internet is not working" and 'ohaiyo gozaimasu, toru-chan"

And i also didn't have a chance to chat with my superwoman, Lady M. (just don't tell her i said that, she might freaks out, she might think I'm a weirdo, probably lesbian..sheessh) Yes, I was flailing over her awesomeness over and over again! I envy you JL!

At night, Puspa, Jixun and me joined Jonal and his crew to dine at the San Miguel's Bay, just across Mall of Asia for seafood! We were enjoying the uncles' live band and the whole night I was 'trashing' Jonal and Boyett. So sorry, but that's how i roll with grown up guys. We trash each other. I'm not those typical girls who just giggle when a man making 'statement' of their age and size. I is empowered woman. ehehe... And you guys are like my brothers! Just thank God i didnt kick or punch you guys. I do that with my brothers and cousins. That's how we show our love.

And that handsome waiter who has friends working in Sentul, should have given him my number. Why i didn't do that? Why?

After dinner, we took a walk along the bay with Jonal kuya. He is very nice and his accident experience was really something and had transformed him to a Super Kuya! I would say exactly the same to him like his wife did: " if you ever die in that accident, i will kill you again" double death! His poppet is supercute!

Madness of Day #5
Day three of the forum and we got into groups and discussed on recommendations to UN Special Rapporteur and coalition of civil society across the region. Renee and Robie were like teachers. (And I like Robie's taste in shoe, they're unique)

Teaming up with Mook and Max was crazy! Thought Max was a loner but that was not the case, he can be very funny. We had several brilliant ideas but we couldn't describe it all thoroughly in the recommendations. And i met Vince, a LIBERTAS. I hate him for being sweet; remembering all the small things i did in Bali.

Puspa invited me to join her meeting Bianca and Mike at the Robinson's Place. They both talked politics! warghhh... i almost killed myself when i found out that Bianca is only 24, but her knowledge about the world's politics... *give her standing ovation*

Then, Mike dropped us at the Tomas Morato St near the Circle, Quezon City and joined the others at the World AIDS Day and LGBT 'Gay Pride March' Annual Celebration. First to be organized in Manila. Cool mayor you got there, Quezon City! And we'd partayyy~~! I made Paisarn gave me his sticker of "This is a gay-friendly place" and he also handed me a pack of condom. I wish i got the lube jelly for free too, never touch 'em. #curious

We chartered a jeepney on the way back. And i asked the stupidest question to Paisarn. It was a relief that he didnt throw me out from the jeepney. And dearest, you do; will look gorgeous in that white wedding dress.

Madness of Day #6
At morning, Mook and me went to the old Manila, Intramuros City. Mook is a really good photographer! we went to visit the Cathedral and a church museum there. The folks there were busy preparing for Viva la Virgen, a celebration to commemorate Mary, the Virgin. Have something to do with Immaculate Celebration if i was not mistaken.

We also visited the Fort Santiago, kinda reminded me of Fort A Famosa in Malacca. i love historical places! turn me on, baby! Okay, that sounded so wrong...

We also went to the National Art Gallery where we had to open several doors to see the exhibits there. It was like a puzzle, then we found out the building was originally the Legislative Building and turned into National Museum, which explained the countless doors and renovations.

By the way, they call buffalo - carabao. Kita panggil kerbau.. bwahahaha

After lunch, we headed back to Bayview and I took a cab with Jyotsna, enjoying the sunset on our ride to NAIA 3.

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