Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Movie Review - The Chronicle of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

I hurt my eyes when I watched the movie in 3D.
And those 3D glasses should be designed bigger.
I can even see the frame throughout the movie.

I fell in love with Prince Caspian. Love the new look!
Why cant i fall for the Captain?
He is brave, bold and sexy. LOL

I screamed excitedly telling everyone the Dragon was the annoying big-nostril cousin.
The cousin was really annoying and his big nostril was really distracting. damn. So, will there be another Narnia movie? With the cousin? No one paying for that. That's for sure.

So, grown up cannot enter Narnia eh?
I prefer the Caribbean island, all its pirates and Captain Jack Sparrow.
I really wanna see how the guy doing Aslan's voice looks like. He's voice is so amusing to my ears.

Man, they saw this pretty star and were so mesmerized by her.
Says who love come from the heart?
It was from first sight. Period.
It is by being pretty, then guy will like and fall for you. (narrow-minded? Fact, people, fact)

I like the climax of the story, it is so not Harry Potter. We could not guess what's gonna happen next (well, I like the element of surprise, still) however, i think this would be the lowest budget of all Narnia movies. Coz, not a lot of characters displayed. It was a quest to find the seven people and their swords. The ship was awesome tho.

Oh yes, the popcorn was hangus and still owe K. Wiznie. Chait! Apsal boleh blah selamba je? Yes, RM18.

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