Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yes its on the 18th, No, it was not on 15th

Why did Azwa Damia Arissya celebrated her birthday 3 days in advance?

A. She wanted to troll everyone on Facebook, as usual

B. She wanted to celebrate her birthday while she is still 25. She won't lie if you ask her, "So, how old are you this year, Azwa?" She gonna answer "I'm 25"

C. She wanted to check from the 300 over friends on Facebook; who actually care.

D. Its a mindfucking thing if she is to celebrate her birthday on the 18th; knowing tomorrow - on the 19th - is her niece's 2nd birthday. What's there left for her to celebrate?

My answer is B. I'm 25. Full stop.

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