Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gender Confused Coach

When I was in my way back from Bukit Jalil, a temp-Puduraya, I thought to myself, maybe i want to try the new ladies coach KTMB introduced last couple of months.

So, from STAR Bukit Jalil, I hopped down at Bandar Tasik Selatan and change to the commuter and waited at the ladies' waiting area. Weird, no ladies sitting there, but two Myanmar guys with one of the wearing Bigbang t-shirt.

So, when the commuter arrived (after 12 freaking minutes of wait) i got into the new, pink and smell nice "Ladies Coach"

they have it translated in several languages. there's english, arabic, mandarin and tamil

unfortunately however, there are people who seem to be confused of their own sexuality, like these people...

*the white shirt is the bigbang guy who was sitting at the ladies' coach waiting area with me earlier.

you should see the faces of the guys when they came in the coach, they have this happy and delighted faces...

good thing is that no malay guy in there. i guess, malay's ego sometimes, can come in handy. when we arrived at midvalley station, there were two KTMB police who came in and chased these 'gender confused" people out. wooott...

maybe, perhaps, in the future, to avoid this kind of gender confusion, they can paint the whole middle coach with pink, some pink feathers, with pink ornaments and pink curtain. we'll see whether the real-macho-not confused-have pride-guys would go in there.

like the one that they have it on this board.

but, when this idea direalisasikan, one thing for sure, i would never get in there! ever!

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