Friday, July 9, 2010

The Start of Something New

(aku google perkataan perasan: ini yg kuar)

When i was in Jakarta after few weeks from depression of the demise of my only niece, I knew back then i needed a side-hobby to keep me occupied.

I was so depressed I did not care about my job at all.

So i thought blogging would be okay. Since i can go whining and ranting about everything. I have issue with almost everything. heh

I joined gym several months back, but could not reduced any weight. So, i thought, better to channel my head for "gyming is to reduce stress".

Working with NGO gives you this kind of adrenaline rush where slow-like-tortoise people could never be able to pick up nor the messed-up-people.

I was among the messed-up. But now, I'm this cool-well organized-cheapskate-independent gal in the human rights field. aicewah! perasan.

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