Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Love Triangle: Me, Eric and Corby

Eric is currently under coma after he drown in the iced Milo. It happened weeks back. I think its the lungs with the problem. Lambat effect. While waiting for the doctor to diagnose Eric, I met this wonderful, good looking Corby. I think I've fallen in love with him.

Dear Corby,
Once Eric wake up in 2 days, I will break up with him to be with you. But, please give me about 3 weeks to sort out the relationship; the gifts, the emotion, the photos of us together - all those cheezy things before i can go steady with you. I'll be cruel to Eric if i just dump him like that.

I dont give a damn when they told me you're unfriendly and likes to play 'hard to get'. I like that about you. Just making me wanting you more...

Oh, Corby... please wait for me. Imma gonna getcha and Imma gonna getcha good...

My Darling, Corby G3653w


  1. wah! aku pon dak tangkap cintan sama corby...stakat ni ko survey dpt bape plg murah?? katnee??

  2. ada byk model. plg lau yah rm400. sbb dia smart phone kn. yg plg mahal tak silap aku, rm890. flip-slide style mcm c6.