Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am an ASEAN

I had the opportunity to be part of a training on ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism at Pearl International on 19th - 22nd July 2010. It was organized by FORUM-Asia and the local host was SUARAM. About 30 human rights activists and few PAs to YBs from Selangor and Penang attended the training. Yah, for obvious reason.

Did i mentioned i like cute, knowledgeable guy with amazing laugh? *ehem*

Jerald, the Fun Guy simplified everything there is about ASEAN and AICHR. I was a bit distracted by Boyet's accent (i looovvveeee his Filipino accent) during his session, he helped us to identify our roles in ASEAN in Malaysian context and the advocacy tools needed to push for the betterment of AICHR.

Dengki betul la dengan Jerald, he is super-can-make-everything-simple.. If i only i had midget Jerald when i was in UIA, i can definitely tengs si Anthony.. hahaha. Peace, Jerald. ( wey, its a compliment bro)

And, as we all dah figure out, Dato' Shafee Abdullah would never join our consultation. ye la, siapa la kita.

People of ASEAN,
We are better and bigger than EU (582 million population y'know) but why la we never proud of our own region? So, ASEAN was established by the dictators but now, as we have AICHR, yang bleh kita jadikan satu pegangan untuk harapan, dont you think ASEAN is for us, me and you? Let us trace back our ancestral lines... at the end kita dari satu rumpun. Why cant we call ourselves - "i am an ASEAN?"


Super thanks to Shuai Ge a.k.a Abang Hensem, Moon Hui and my DTPian, Purnomo who has been macam separuh gila organizing the great training. And Atnike and Yap from FORUM-Asia. (i think Yap was cute when he said "his heart hurt" by the statement made by some individuals during the consultation, i know the sakit is there, but it was cute. i did bayangkan Anthony buat gitu gak, coz Yap and Anthony very much alike.

Sila tanya kawan2 saya yang bersama di SUARAM Dinner tahun lepas.. apakah itu persamaan Yap dan Anthony.

Juga, would like to apologize to Purnomo as i was not able to drive you around. Wrong time of the year la you came my friend. Besides, it was weekdays and I have to attend to various things - juggle with Me the fun, cool person and Me, the human rights trainer.... =)

photo credit: Encik Razak, from Selangor State Exco Office.

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