Monday, July 26, 2010

Movie Review: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Last thursday, after a long day at the consultation and meeting with my mentor, I got a call from Fit and said "hey, jom wayang!" so i guess, ya, jom wayang! besides, I havent watch Twilight:Eclipse. So, we promised to meet at Sunway Pyramid.

Knowing how Fit will go sesat wherever she goes (and its amazing how she can finds her way to the place even no one tell her how to get there, somehow, for some reason, she's just there..) I jalan-jalan and did not buy any tickets sampai la Fit sampai and she bought it.

So, Eclipse scheduled at 12am, so, we picked yang awal skit, Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

It started okay, the usual... It was kinda funny when Merlin said that Balthazar (the Cage) need to find his successor - "Prime Merlinean".. sangat tak real! there's something lacking or something wrong with that phrase..

So, there was the fight between the evil, Morgana and the old guy with white beard, Merlin. And the evil witch was trapped in Veronica's body by Veronica's spell and both were kept in the Grimhold. (ala, patung Russia yang ada banyak layer tu)

Then, Balthazar went for his quest to find the Prime Merlinean for centuries until he met the little David Stutler. The kid was cute! And the dragon ring tu pun ,i wish i have one!

Then, 10 years passed by after the magic-fight where Balthazar and Horvath trapped in a magic urn, they got out and want to find the Grimhold. And David (Baruchel) becomes a NYU physics genius and was later made apprentice by Balthazar.

Don't expect big from the movie, its just nice for family. Just like Prince of Persia. Cuma perhaps, Prince of Persia sangat menarik di mata i la... ehem. TERSANGAT MENARIK ye...

The Bruckheimer really la a genius guy! Imagine dia boleh buatkan the Cage yang dah kemot-kemot sangat kool dan macho. Macho ya salam! Macho!

so he aged, but just take a look at him!

see? see what i mean?

he's cool right? cool kan?

But, the Cherry boy, Baruchel in this movie is not very convincing like in "She's Not My League". Dalam ni, dia tak berjiwa. Dia tak ada "dalam hati ada taman". Coz i think, dia dah terbiasa dengan watak "loser, skema, nerd, geek..." all that sort.

Part paling aku suka is when the Cage touch the car and it change to a cool-brand-new Beemer! Wah lao! And then, they got trapped in the mirror.

There's another part yang aku menjerit sampai sekarang is the part, Dave showed Becky his experiment and put Secret-One Republic on... aku download and dengar hari-hari lagu tu. If only aku boleh dapat the original yang dia buat dengan electric-lightning tu... aduhai~~

Thanks to the one who sponsored the movie nite, Puan Norul Fitri... clap clap..


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