Friday, October 15, 2010

Adam Lambert Glammed Bukit Jalil

We arrived at 4.20pm at the Bukit Jalil. Patiently waiting to go in. Sampai nak tercabut kaki. The girls screamed every time they saw somebody inside moving. Didn't get 'em.

~nty and Aya yang dah tak sabar~

So, got into the stadium, Fana and Netty were already there (diorang pegi M&G..warghh! jeles), waiting on the right side of the stage where Tommy Joe will be rocking with his bass. Owhhh.. pretty kitty. Rawr!

We didnt really hate the opening act by Iqwal and Daniel Lee, but seriously, we came for Adam la. So, we just layankan saja "Down" and "Its My Life"

When Adam came out around 9pm, everybody screamed tak hengat, tell ya! Aku sendiri pun!

~he was standing right in front of us!~ photo credit: JoshuaOng

Although, tak semua lagu aku tahu nyanyi, ye la.. aku bukan #kipassusahmati, tapi, Adam really is a super talented performer! Masa dia nyanyi Soaked, Broken Open and Aftermath.. my jaw dropped and my eyes filled with tears... Damn his voice... awesomely great!

Menyesal? Oh, tentu tidak. Aku juga kagum dengan diri sendiri

~ini adam saya~photo credit:ntylove

~giler ah, sangat cool gambar nih~again, thanks to ntylove

~kelebihan adam adalah dia menyatukan ramai orang, ngeee~

~fana got Monte's pick after had a fight with the RELA guy..hahaha~

~video credit: Joshua Ong~

~the fake and cute Tommy, tengok betapa manja beliau. damn! nape tak amik no dia~

~cute la isaac ni, sweet gile. geget hidung kang!~

~with terrance, i can literally swim in his eyes~

~i always find guitarist sexy, and monte is one sexy guy~

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