Monday, November 8, 2010

17 things you can only find in Malacca (ohsem weekend with Halia)

1. Went cruising on Malacca River with Halia and YB Irfan and saw ohsem villages on the riverside. But it gotten weird when suddenly at the end of Kg Morten and Kg Jawa, there built, a Pirate Theme Park. And there was this guy who washed his face with the smelly water. Everyone on the boat were like ’euuwww’
2. We headed to Kg Jawa, an-overrated place to bargain goods, so they got shops and they sells clothes/ household items, blah blah – but, when we reached its main street, it was ohsem to see all kind of warungs of Malays, Chinese and Indians serving local delights. Having cendol and gossiping about Ali Rustam, was kinda ‘out of the ordinary’.

3. Dinner at Grilled Seafood Restaurant, Kg Sungai Muara. We ordered, actually I ordered boiled clams, grilled sambal cencarus (pronounce: chen-cah-roo), fried prawns with ginger, black pepper crabs – we had to wait and hang around for 15 minutes before we could move. According to YB Irfan, we suffered from an ohsem stomach bon-bon.

4. Friday night means karaoke night at Jonker Walk. The Ah Sows’ were singing their hearts out. There were also goods that bring back those memories when we were kids – they have gula ketuk, coconut cookies, aiskrim lidi, dart bulu ayam, gendang pusing, etc. Not to forget, the antiques and curios..ohsem!

5. On the next day, (Saturday) we had breakfast at Indah Rahmania after Halia asked whether I eat mamak (girlfriend, I only eat what mamak cooked) before reaching Masjid Selat, a mosque on the seaside. The ohsem mosque was also visited by a group of tourists from Pakistan, with their weird poses in front of camera…

6. Later, Halia parked her brand-new, cute pink MyVi and we walked to Dataran Pahlawan and climbed the A Famosa Fort, at St. Paul Hill. An ohsem morning exercise, indeed. Made a wish at the wishing well and headed to Malacca Islamic Museum, when we saw the stairs again, we decided not to go in. Yes, we’re fat and too lazy.

7. Entering the Independence Memorial Building was ohsem when you’re not allowed to take pictures but you take it anyway. Learning the history (which I’m good at, and still ohsem at it) and one question stroked us – why the hell that UMNO use UMNO and not in Bahasa which is PEKEMBAR? That would be more ‘entertaining’…
8. Arrived at the 3D Museum, Beauty of the World Museum and Kites Museum – all under the same roof! The 3D Museum was ‘boooo’ but the Kites Museum was ohsemmm… (sing: I like flying kites, kites make me happy..yaya). The third museum made me thinking how stupid can man be when it comes to ‘being beautiful’. Bound their feet, pierced their chins, noses, ears with woods and iron, tattooed their faces, obsessed with corsets and bodices – man, *no word to describe*

9. Afterward, we walked to the Town Square – where situated Clock Tower, Christ Curch, Stadhuys and the Memorial Fountain. Daced to the ‘dondang sayang’ before we stopped at the famous and ohsem Big Clock Cendol. But I chose ABC and regretted it. Should’ve picked cendol.
10. We continued to Jalan Hang Lekir, saw ohsem historical buildings and arrived at Francis Xavier’s Church. It’s a gothic church built by Reverend Fabre from France. Unfortunately, it was closed on Saturday and we could not go in. Not ohsem for closing the church on Saturday, Rev.
11. We continued the journey and found Cheng Ho Museum and then the Orang Utan Shop owned by Charles Cham, who I thought was some foreigner decided to settle down at Malacca. Snapped some photo even prohibited, thanks to the ohsem akak at the store.
12. We reached the three religious houses – Buddhist temple (which I didn’t get the name) Sri Poyattha Hindu temple and Kg Kling’s Mosque. The street filled with antique store and we got chased by one Po-Po (grandma): “what you want? See? See what? Nothing to see, here only got masks, nothing to see” Yeah, Hatyai dejavu.. I can call it 'ohsem'… can i?
13. We arrived to the only and ohsem Wah Aik Hand-Made Boundfeet Shoe store. Had a warm welcome by the owner. Yeh-yeh (Grandpa) told that his family has been making the shoes since 1920s.
14. Later, we walked to the Samudera Museum, which have three different ohsem museums with the price of one. I harassed Hang Tuah, Alfonso d’Alburqerque, ibn Battuta and Awang Selamat. We met pakcik and makcik who will forever make fishing net and drying the anchovies.
15. Tired from the 4 hours walking, we headed to Tanjung Puteri Beach and cougaring some boys playing rugby. Ohsem view people, it was an ohsem view.

16. Hungry as bears, we stopped at the Asam Pedas Restaurant and ordered ikan pari and beef asam pedas. It was delicious, should the gravy is thicker, it would’ve been ohsem. We got back to Halia house and went out again with Halia’s mom and aunt shopping at the Nagoya and Mydin at MITC.

17. On Sunday morning, we had breakfast at the Nasi Lemak Ujung Pasir, thanks to the winner of Johor race, representing 2020 Motor Kel-laab~ before headed to Melaka Sentral.

3 other things you might want to know

1. Everyone who walked pass you have DSLR with them. True story. If you don’t have one, they will look at you like you’re from the 80s. not an ohsem feeling…

2. I met the ohsem Linness, a glambert I’d met at the GNT Kuala Lumpur. Didn’t recognize her, without her geisha look. But, then, when she started to laugh, I knew it. What a small world.

3. We parked at the Menara Taming Sari parking lot but never get to ride the ohsem rotating thingy ~ *sigh*

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