Monday, November 15, 2010

Love, Sex and Desire

It was N who asked me about my sexuality, it was a weird question at first but then i recalled the stupid thing I told this other girl.

The incident: I was perceived as a Bi when I said
"I kinda swing both ways, by the way"

Then, she made her point by saying that she wanted to do a documentary or short film on LGBT in Malaysia, we had opened up the discussion into various other topics.

She asked me whether I have or had lesbian or gay friends? And Adam is not your friend. I paused for a moment and then said, yeah, i know some. Back in university, and now, since I work with NGOs.

I didnt know how it started when suddenly they talked about porn sites, fetishes, DIY, dressing up for sex. I did try to back out but it was interesting to see these ladies were being very open with their sexuality!

They talked about Jay, who was born as a She but had surgery and now is a He. He was like
"What happened to thing on my chest? ppffttt... I felt it was only some excess fat. Had it removed. Completely" . And we're soo going to the Liquid. A gay club in Kuala Lumpur. (safest club for girls it seems..but unfortunately dah tutup)

I could not (
ok, not) do not want to leave the table as they were getting wild talking about this stuff until 11pm and the manager of the restaurant had to switch off all the lights to inform us "we're closing"

Before we leave, they wanted me to organize another training on
Women: Love, Sex and Desire... to do what? How to pleasure self, how to have safe sex and how to start a relationship: Guide 101.

Life is funny. And I cant stop laughing.

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