Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Leonard Personality Inventory Result Came Out Weird

Before we attend the training, we were requested to complete 100 questions online and from the answers we gave, the computer will generate your personality. Sounds familiar? Yeah, I know.

Dr Leonard Yong, who is an adjunct professor at University Malaya had conducted a 25 years of research on emotional intelligent. To be precise, on human psychology and personality. From hundred thousands of subjects, he concluded that we, human have five different personalities (you can have two or three, according to the graph) which are:

Openness/ Creative
  • One who is imaginative, creative and have great ideas
  • They are mostly painters, singers, interior designers, wedding planners.
  • One who is calm, can do job, curious, easily bored, do not want conflict and a private person
  • A lot of people have N behaviour. Most Asians are. They can work under pressure and get the job done. They are reserved and can't take it when other people don't like them. Big possibility they blame themselves for problems.
  • One who like to analyze, love facts and figures, takes time to decide, tend to be perfectionist and easily irritated
  • Lawyers, researchers, journalists, scientists, accountants and the list goes on.....
  • Love to make friends, people-oriented, likes to talk, hate routines and facts, fun to be with
  • You can see a lot of the them around you. Celebrities, politicians and PR people have this the most. They love to talk and they can make you laugh.
  • Firm, knows what to be done, like to win, like to lead, aggressive
  • Successful people like businessmen, general at war, bosses.

Everybody else had similar results when we were asked to do two different tests. First test, was the one with 100 questions and second test was with 5 questions. If you get both graphs pretty much the same, then you know yourself and can work to improve your EE (Emotional Excellence) from there.

Me on the other hand, had two different results - and when I checked with the trainer, Grace Mary said it was either 1) I'm very adaptable to situations, 2) Did the test under stress or 3) Am not clear of who i am and what am capable to do.

Like i said, I is UNPREDICTABLE.. and it is proven: Psychologically!

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