Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Azwa's Attempt to Write Poem 2 (Ah Lian Style): That White Satria

I saw it (again)
That white satria
The one which always
I tagged along with
Last time, long-long ago one la
Fooled around with
My friends, the peng yos
That one now hor
Call themselves - The Glampires

We went to so many places
What them called ah?
Putrajaya, Bukit Bintang, KLCC, Kg Baru
Klang, then got waterfall
McDonald’s near the Highway
Nasi Lemak Mali’s
CC Hearing, Open Houses
Couldn’t remember anymore worr
But many la
Gimme headache to remember one

That white satria
The Specky Glampire once can just slipped through
The space between front seat and back one
No need the front seater to move
Wonder if she can still do it now

I saw it (again)
That white satria
Last night at 11pm
While waiting for Specky Glampire
Talked to the owner
That white satria
All excited about her trip
Me so happy for her
And reminded me of what we used to
Have fun together-gether
Why la we didn’t just stay 20?
We oredi made pact with the devil whaattt~!

I saw it again
That white satria
May I see it more-more again
Next time

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